Two years have passed since the founding of Kitamura Economic Security (the Company) in August 2021.
In October 2021, not long after its founding, the Company entered into a strategic partnership with American Global Strategies, led by the former U.S. National Security Advisor, Robert C. O’Brien. The Company leverages this partnership to provide innovative consulting services on an unparalleled level on issues with economic security. This is a clear example of the private sector assisting in bolstering U.S.-Japan relations.
The Company currently works with senior advisor that are experts in their field, particularly in the area of (1) economic security, (2) cyber security, (3) compliance, and (4) research and analysis, and is capable of quickly and accurately responding to the diverse needs specific to each client.

  1. (1) In terms of economic security, the Company provides advice and support regarding economic security policy updates at home and abroad, which continue to evolve at breakneck pace, approach to handling M&As involving foreign capital, including from allied and partner countries, crisis management plans concerning the liberation of Taiwan, individual partner schemes involving sensitive technologies, and business development plans for the Chinese market.
  2. (2) For cyber security, we leverage expert opinion and technical expertise to provide and introduce cutting-edge tools with no equal, and actively provide advice and assistance on countermeasures for addressing ransomware, something that has been of increasing concern for companies in recent years.
  3. (3) In terms of compliance, we provide advice and support that is tailored to each client on matters concerning corporate risk management, scandal handling, the establishment of effective corporate governance systems, and measures for preventing against the influence of antisocial forces in corporate affairs, among others.
  4. (4) In the field of research and analysis, we provide solutions that specifically address our clients’ concerns based on their diverse needs through partnerships with highly credible partners specializing in data security.

As described here, the Company provides solutions that span a broad range of industries, and play a key role in current and near-future corporate management. Our services are sure to provide our clients, and potential clients viewing this site with strong and sustainable growth and governance.



Kitamura Economic Security Inc.


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Shigeru Kitamura


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Research and provision of information related to trends involved in economic security policies

1 A cyber workforce training system that utilizes cutting-edge emulation technology
2 An economic security analysis tool that leverages massive databases and AI analysis to identify connections between companies, people, and sensitive technologies, and the countries concerned.


American Global Strategies